Сложносочиненное пред(по)ложение
Whe I was 11 year old I had the cosiest birthday. It is not story about party, but about my memory.
I was born in july, it is important for our story. And I had lived beyond the Polar Circle with my parents. But every summer I had been dwelling at my grandparents place, in Ukraine. Instead, in this summer, I do not remember why I had stayed with my mom, on the north. It was great - I can go out with my best friend, some also had stayed on the north. We met every day - for chatting, cooking and a lot of things, which so important for 2 teengirls. When my birthday is gone, she gifted to me a book, named "Troll"s gift". It was story-book with fairytale by scandinavian writers. We took my birthday"s cake (sharlotka, yepp!), and went out to the court. When we get out the snow had fallen in air. We drinked tea, eaten the cake, saw to the snow and was are the happiest people in the world.
Now I think that it was the best birthday in my life.

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